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25% CASHBACK OFFER is for any fruit and vegetable box placed within your FIRST order with Fresh Obsession. 25% of the box/s price will be paid straight into your Fresh Obsession online account as a credit to be used against your next order. Limit of 1 per customer, and 1 per household. Fresh Obsession reserves the right to terminate or alter this offer at anytime without notice.
PRICES All pricing listed under this website will always reflect Australian dollars.
ITEMS OUT OF STOCK - SUBSTITUTES will be defaulted to acceptance of a reasonable substitute item if ordered item is out of stock. You can turn this off from any item by clicking the link in the trolley confirmation page and unticking the SUB button.
TROLLEY CONTENTS will be removed after 8 days of inactivity.
INTERPRETATION All pricing listed under this website will always reflect Australian dollars. Conditions are these conditions, and any additions or variations; Delivery address is the address where the goods are to be delivered as stated on the order Remote deliveries are deliveries to transport providers, such as barges, airports and local couriers in the Darwin metro and Palmerston area, NT .Goods are items in an order, and include packaging. Order is an order by you to purchase goods from Fresh Obsession online. Product List is the list of goods displayed on the Fresh Obsession online website. Delivery Fee is the fee payable to Fresh Obsession online for delivery of the goods to your delivery address and handling and other costs associated with processing your order
An agreement exists once Fresh Obsession online accepts an order from you which occurs when your order and payment is processed. CUSTOMER APPLICATION Accurate information: Information provided by you in your application must be accurate and complete. You must inform Fresh Obsession online if there’s a change to your details. Delivery area: Orders for delivery to addresses that are not in the Fresh Obsession online delivery area can’t be processed. We’ll let you know if your delivery address ceases to be in an area where Fresh Obsession online delivers goods. Business Customers: Customers wishing to set up a business account can email . Business customers will be bound by these conditions, but will also be bound by the additional terms specific to business customers that will be provided at the time of setting up a business account. ORDERS, DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF GOODS Late cancellation fee: If you cancel an order after the order cut off time, Fresh Obsession online may charge you and you may pay a late cancellation fee. Delivery: Fresh Obsession online will deliver the goods to you at the delivery address within a reasonable time frame agreed with you. Fresh Obsession online will deliver to the front door of your home or office building if it is deemed safe to do so. If you request Fresh Obsession online to deliver the goods beyond your front door and we agree that it is practical to do so, you agree to continually indemnify and hold harmless Fresh Obsession online employees, (contractors and agents) from any Loss suffered or incurred through the delivery of the goods beyond your front door. `Loss` means any loss including any liability, cost, expense, claim, proceeding, action, demand or damage. Authorised receipt of Goods: Anyone at the Delivery Address (or upon collection) who receives the Goods shall be presumed by Fresh Obsession online to be authorised to receive the Goods. Additional delivery fee: If there’s no one at the delivery address to receive, and sign for the order when the goods are delivered we will leave the order in an appropriate place. We’ll endeavor to contact you for further instruction if prior arrangements have not been made. If we cannot contact you, we will leave the order if it’s safe to do so, if not, we will return the order and you will need to make arrangements to have it delivered again. An additional delivery fee may apply. A cancellation fee may also apply. Minimum order value: Fresh Obsession online has a minimum order value of $45.50. The minimum order value includes the delivery fee.
CREDITS AND REFUNDS You can make a claim for a refund or credit if: a. you believe that Goods we charged you for were not provided; or b. there is a fault or defect with the Goods you have purchased. Email to lodge your claim. We’ll assess your claim and are happy to offer a credit or refund for any missing or faulty goods. Total price of Goods: goods in your order are charged at the purchase price published at the time you submit your order, and that appears on the order confirmation. Pricing Errors: Fresh Obsession online reserves the right to amend any pricing errors displayed due to human error, computer malfunction or other reason. Fresh Obsession online will notify you of any error in pricing and you may elect to not purchase any good/s where the price has been corrected. Tax invoice: Before or upon delivery of the goods, we’ll provide you with a tax invoice with the total price for the goods, including credits applied and any other fees. Method of payment: At the time you place the order, you’ll be required to make your payment online by credit card, or customer account for approved business customers. Unless otherwise agreed, in order to receive the goods you have ordered, payment must be received by the selected payment method.
PROMO CODES We may from time to time issue promotional codes. These promotional codes are personal to the individuals we issue them to and cannot be transferred or sold. The promotional codes are subject to the terms disclosed at the time of issue. We reserve the right to cancel any or all promotional codes at any time if we suspect error, fraud or any other abuse of the codes is occurring.
SPECIALS are limited to 3 items per retail customer. Wholesale customers are not entitled to these offers.
USERNAME AND PASSWORD You are responsible for the safekeeping of your user name and password, and you’re liable if your account is misused by an unauthorised person.
TERMINATION Fresh Obsession online may terminate or suspend this agreement at any time by delivering notice or by sending you a message advising that your shopping privileges have been removed. Termination of this Agreement is effective the day notice is received, or such later date as specified in the notice. Fresh Obsession online may remove anyone from the system or refuse to deliver to a particular address at any time. You may cease placing orders at Fresh Obsession online at any time.